Health Cash Plans

A health cash plan can provide you with limited sums of cash towards everyday healthcare bills.

Different policies cover one, or a combination of, type(s) of healthcare such as dental care, optical care, physiotherapy, or stays in hospital.

For example, a health cash plan policy might pay out a maximum of £100 per year towards optical care bills that you have incurred. These types of policies can also pay you, for example, £10 for each night that you might need to stay in hospital (usually up to a maximum number of nights).

Most providers of health cash plans offer a range of different types of cover, each with different levels of payouts. The general rule is that the smaller the payouts that are offered, the cheaper the premiums will be.

What may not be covered
Some health cash plans have age restrictions and will only cover you if you are under a certain age (often 65).

If you have had health problems in the past (pre-existing conditions), a cash plan may not pay out for certain types of healthcare.

Some plans apply qualifying periods, which means that they will not pay out towards any treatment that you undergo within the first few months of the policy, so make sure that you shop around to get the cover that you need.
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