Jargon Buster

Fund transfer scam

A scam which tries to get you to use your bank account to withdraw some cash transferred into it and send it on to another person using a money transfer service (in exchange for a commission).

FTSE 100 Index

Also known as the FTSE, FTSE 100, or, informally, the ‘footsie’, it is a share index comprised of the 100 most highly capitalised UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.


A joint venture between the Financial Times newspaper (FT) and the London Stock Exchange (SE) that produces lists of UK company share prices.


The process of launching a company on the stock market by offering shares for sale to the public for the first time.

Fixed term deposits

A type of bank account where you put money into your deposit account for an agreed period of time.
The interest rate is fixed for that period and if you take money out during that time you will generally pay a penalty.

Fixed rate penalty

An amount that you may have to pay if you wish to pay off your loan, part of your loan, or change any of its terms, during the fixed rate period.

Fixed rate

An interest rate that is fixed (i.e. it does not move up or down) for a set period of time.

Financial adviser

A regulated financial adviser is someone who is authorised to give investment advice to members of the public. An adviser may be ‘tied’ to a certain product provider(s) (for example, their employer) and only able to advise on their products, or may be independent and able to advise on a wide range of products and providers.
It is important when selecting a financial adviser that you understand how they will be paid for the advice that they will give to you, and what impact any commission that they may receive from a product provider may have on your investment(s).

Financial advice

Discussions, often including a recommendation, about what the most suitable financial product(s) are for you made by an adviser who is regulated.