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  • FCA launches national campaign

    21/10/14 by Michelle Bougeard

    The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched a national campaign to warn people about investment fraud and how to spot a potential scam.   To read the full news article on the FCA's website...

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  • Collectibles - Collect for pleasure, invest with care

    18/03/14 by John Cronin

    Collectibles - Collect for pleasure, invest with care​

    As a result of recent marketing campaigns, the Commission has been asked whether it regulates i...

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  • Investment Planning – Where to begin!

    30/10/13 by John Cronin

    Interview with John Cronin, CFA, by Francis Katamba
    Please note that this article is only intended to pr...

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  • Christmas comes but once a year – but make sure you manage the costs

    03/12/12 by Wyn Hughes

    Christmas can mean additional spending.  How do you make sure that you do not get carried away and spend more than you need to or more than you can afford?

    Here are...

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  • Warning issued by the Jersey Financial Services Commission on scam Carbon Credit Schemes calls

    01/02/12 by Juliette Morris

    The Commission is aware that local residents have received unsolicited phone calls from firms allegedly based in the UK offering the chance to engage in carbon o...

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  • Warning issued by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and the States of Jersey Police

    03/01/12 by Juliette Morris

    The Jersey Financial Services Commission and the States of Jersey Police Joint Financial Crimes Unit "have recently recorded an inc...

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  • Jersey police warn islanders of 'boiler room' scams

    17/03/11 by Juliette Morris

    BBC Jersey have reported that "Jersey police are warning islanders not to get drawn in by boiler room scams where shares are fraudulently bought." To read the full news article on the BBC...

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  • Jersey Financial Services Commission launches Protect Your Money website

    14/03/11 by Chris Jordan

    The Jersey Financial Services Commission (the “Commission”) has today launched a new website containing information aimed at helping consumers better understand the risks and...

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  • What does it mean if a business is regulated by the JFSC?

    23/10/14 by Michelle Bougeard

    The Island’s financial services regulator is responsible for regulating and supervising businesses involved in banking, funds, investment, insurance, money service and trust company business. The P...

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  • Commission plans to increase investor protection

    07/11/12 by Wyn Hughes

    Jersey residents who are retail clients of financial advisers in Jersey will be better protected when new requirements come into effect on 1 January 2014.

    The changes follow extensive resea...

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  • Registered, regulated or supervised? - A glossary of regulatory terms a customer may encounter

    12/10/11 by Mike Jones

    When viewing advertisements for financial products, customers may encounter a number of terms describing how the product or the firm itself is regulated by the Commission.  However, there are diffe...

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  • Protect Your Money's top tips to help you take command of your finances

    11/03/11 by Chris Jordan

    1. Identify your goals
    You first need to have a clear idea of your priorities in life and identify the goals that are most important to you and your family.
    You should ca...

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