Welcome to the Protect Your Money website

Protect Your Money is a new consumer education initiative from the Jersey Financial Services Commission. The aim of this website is to provide consumers with clear, impartial information and guidance in relation to financial products, so that they can have greater control of their financial affairs and the confidence to make informed decisions when choosing such products.


  • Collectibles - Collect for pleasure, invest with care

    18/03/14 by John Cronin

    Collectibles - Collect for pleasure, invest with care​


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  • Investment Planning – Where to begin!

    30/10/13 by John Cronin

    Interview with John Cronin, CFA, by Francis Katamba


  • Commission plans to increase investor protection

    07/11/12 by Wyn Hughes

    Jersey residents who are retail clients of financial advisers in Jersey will be better protected ...

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  • Registered, regulated or supervised? - A glossary of regulatory terms a customer may encounter

    12/10/11 by Mike Jones

    When viewing advertisements for financial products, customers may encounter a number of terms des...

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